About Textbook History

Textbook History is home to the work of Ronald Ladouceur (email), an independent scholar interested in the intersection of history, science and visual rhetoric.

Ladouceur holds an M.A. in Liberal Studies from SUNY Empire State College, and is an adjunct professor at the University at Albany.

His published work includes “Ella Thea Smith and the Lost History of American High School Biology Textbooks,”  Journal of the History of Biology 41: 435 (2007), “Biology’s Bomb: Graphing ‘Explosive’ Population Growth in Cold War Textbooks,Climate & Capitalism (2011), and “All with Theories to Sell: Carleton S. Coon, Bentley Glass, Marston Bates, and the Struggle by Life Scientists in the United States to Construct a Social Mission After World War II,” available via ProQuest (2008).

SCHOLARS’ NOTE: Except for the above (or unless otherwise indicated), the articles published to Textbook History have not been peer reviewed or published elsewhere. You are of course encouraged to cite the work. Just be clear in your references that you’re citing a blog, not a journal or thesis.